Certificates of conformity 1st category

Certificates of conformity 2nd category

Certificate of admission to project works in the territory of the russian federation of 2015.

Certificate of admission to project works in the territory of the russian federation from 2013.

License for the design of radiation objects and radiation protection means

License to implement fire safety activities

License disign of boiler plants, gas supply and gas consumtion

Certificate STB ISO 9001-2009

We are pleased to offer you our services for the implementation of design works of any complexity and specificity.

Our company is a team of professional architects, engineers, designers and designers who have experience in leading design organizations of the country and participated in the design of many significant objects.

Managers and specialists of the organization have been trained in professional certification programs and have relevant qualification certificates and certificates issued by:

  • Federal State Educational Institution “State Academy of Advanced Training and Retraining of Personnel for Construction” (Moscow, Russian Federation);
  • RUE “Belstroycenter” (Minsk, Belarus);
  • GIPK “GAZ-INSTITUT” (Minsk, Belarus);
  • Republican Institute of Higher School (Minsk, Belarus);
  • Harvard University (Boston, USA);
  • Clinical training and demonstration center for the organization of tuberculosis infection control at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (Vladimir, Russian Federation).

Project work in our organization is clearly divided into stages, at each of which an optimal solution is always offered, which is used as a basis for an effective dialogue with the Customer and taking into account all his wishes.

The list of types of design work that we perform:

  • architecture;
  • constructive;
  • master plan and transport, traffic management;
  • landscaping and gardening of the territory (including taxation of green spaces);
  • sanitary sections;
  • Electrical sections;
  • automation of engineering equipment;
  • communication systems;
  • ACS, video surveillance – fire safety systems:
    • automatic fire extinguishing systems;
    • systems of automatic fire alarm, warning and evacuation control;
  • full range of gas engineering works:
    • design of gas supply and gas consumption facilities;
    • design of boiler rooms;
    • design of mini-heat and power plants and other energy technology complexes;
    • calculation of the annual need for fuel;
    • estimate documentation;
    • construction projects;
    • development of the section “Energy Efficiency”;
    • organization and safety of workers;
    • environmental protection, environmental passport;
    • development of the section of GOCHS;
  • radiation protection:
    • design of radiation facilities;
    • design of radiation protection facilities for radiation facilities.

The following licenses and certificates are obtained:

  • a special permit (license) for the right to carry out work in the field of industrial safety No. 02300 / 1411-1 is valid until 10.06.2017 (design of gas supply and gas consumption facilities, boiler room design);
  • a special permit (license) for the right to carry out activities to ensure fire safety №02300 / 3042 is valid until 11.08.2018 (design of automatic fire alarm systems, automatic fire extinguishing systems, smoke protection systems, fire alarm and evacuation control systems);
  • certificate №BY/11205.01.00702928 of the quality management system of design and inspection of building structures to the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009;
  • certificate №0125-2013-191441526-П-1 on the admission to a particular type or type of work that affect the security of objects of capital construction (NP SRO “Smolensk designers project”);
  • a special permit (license) for the right to carry out activities in the field of the use of atomic energy and sources of ionizing radiation №02300 / 556-4 is valid until 07.27.2019 (design of radiation facilities and radiation protection facilities for radiation facilities).

In addition, in March 2012, the organization formed and successfully operates a unit that performs work on detailed technical inspection of building structures of buildings and structures.