Our company is professionally engaged in the development of design and estimate documentation and calculates the radiation protection of X-ray rooms of medical institutions.

To implement this type of activity, Architectural Studio LLC has a special permit (license) to carry out activities in the field of the use of atomic energy and ionizing radiation sources No. 02300 / 556-4 issued by the Department of Nuclear and Radiation Safety of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus:

  • design of radiation facilities;
  • design of radiation protection facilities for radiation facilities.

Our specialists carry out the calculation of means of stationary radiation protection of x-ray rooms to ensure the necessary measures to protect personnel, patients and the public during medical x-ray procedures for diagnostic or research purposes, which is an important factor in ensuring the safe operation of the x-ray room.

Based on the results of the calculation, information is provided on possible options for protecting walls and ceilings, installation of X-ray protective doors, windows, shutters, in order to ensure the attenuation of X-rays to normalized levels.

When designing an x-ray room, we advocate:

In the role of general designer
Our forces to comply fully with the development of design estimates for the medical institution, which includes one or more X-ray room in various fields.

In the role of sub-designer

Our specialists are developing the section “Technological solutions”, which includes the calculation of the radiation protection of the X-ray room, as well as the technological task of the architectural, construction and engineering part of the general designer.

We have already developed projects for the following x-ray cells:

  • X-ray computed tomography room;
  • X-ray examination room by fluoroscopy and X-ray;
  • X-ray examination room for breast diseases using the mammography method;
  • X-ray dental surgeries (dental x-ray devices working with a radiovisiograph; orthopantomographs working with a digital image receiver;
  • devices for panoramic tomography).

Selective list of Customers, whom the specialists of Architectural Studio LLC have developed design solutions for the radiation protection of X-ray cabinets:

SOOO “Ecomedservice”
GU “RSPC Pulmonology and Phthisiology”
UZ “Soligorsk CRB”
PMUP “Capital dentistry”
LLC “Dental Park”
UE “Spolny row”
UE “Complex Real Estate Development”

For all questions you are interested in contact:

Chief Technologist – Maxim Aleshin
tel.: +375 (44) 749-74-49
tel.: +375 (17) 236-36-73