Our company is professionally engaged in the development of design and estimate documentation for the following objects:

  • objects of gas distribution system and gas consumption;
  • boiler rooms for all types of fuel.

To carry out these types of activities, Architectural Studio LLC has the following licenses:

  • a special permit (license) for the right to work in the field of industrial safety No. 02300 / 1411-1 (design of gas supply facilities and gas consumption, design of boiler rooms);
  • special permit (license) for the right to carry out activities to ensure fire safety №02300 / 3042. (design of automatic fire alarm systems, automatic fire extinguishing systems, smoke protection systems, fire alarm systems and evacuation control).

Selective list of objects in which the specialists of Architectural Studio LLC have developed design solutions for gas supply engineering networks and (or) boiler rooms:

  • “Reconstruction of industrial buildings for warehouses located on Orlovsky St., 9 in the city of Bobruisk”;
  • “Reconstruction of a building for a warehouse building with administrative and household premises and a furnace at the address: Minsk District, Novodvorsky s / s, 10 km of Mogilevsky Highway”;
  • “Construction of a new yeast plant in Slutsk district”. Off-site engineering networks. Gas supply outside;
  • “Construction of an industrial building with an administrative and amenity building on Khozyaystvennaya Alley St., 5 in the city of Gomel”;
  • “Reconstruction of the production department, located in the city of Dyatlovo, Novogrudskaya str., 6, bld. 1-1” “” Multi-storey residential buildings in the village of Ozertso, Shchomisky village council “;
  • “Construction of a hotel and sports complex on Pobediteley Avenue in Minsk.” Gas supply;
  • “Construction of hardware production in the territory of the Minsk district, near the a / g Gatovo”;
  • “Reconstruction of a technical diagnostics station to a diagnostic station for conducting a state technical inspection of vehicles and a service station with an extension of administrative facilities on Surazhskaya St., 9A in Vitebsk”;
  • “Modernization of the object of the sanatorium“ Zubrenok ”in the area of ​​the village of Volma Drachkovsky, s / s, Smolevichi district, Minsk region. Expanded boiler room “;
  • “Dwelling of 20 (19) apartment building in the settlement of No. 7.3.1 …… .7.3.4. in the village. Sunny Minsk region “;
  • “Reconstruction and construction of buildings and facilities of the sanatorium and recreation complex“ Isloch-Park ”in the village of Rakov, SPP“ Isloch ”, Volozhinsky district”;“Reconstruction of the building at the address: Minsk region, Minsk district, pos. Privolny, st. Mira, 20 with an extension of the test-production building and production workshop. The second phase of construction. (Boiler room).