Considering that the medical industry is continuously being improved and developed, the Architectural Studio has created its own medical engineering department, formed of specialists with many years of practical experience in project management, engineering, qualification and validation.
The architectural studio has sufficient potential and directs its actions towards the maximum improvement of the quality of work performed related to the design of medical facilities, reconstruction, technical re-equipment of pharmaceutical, biotechnological and veterinary enterprises, laboratories and healthcare facilities in accordance with the requirements of GMP EU and ISO standards.
At all stages of the project, we guarantee the use of modern technological solutions that comply with applicable Belarusian, European standards and rules, using the best architectural and engineering solutions.

We declare and guarantee high standards and professionalism, in line with current global trends.

Planning, evaluation and budgeting

To invest in new production and production equipment requires extensive specialized knowledge and human resources. Today, growing competition is forcing manufacturers to increasingly focus on their core business. Therefore, for the success of an investment project, it is important at the initial stage to select the right experienced specialists and resources.
Our experience and knowledge, as well as integrated consulting and design services will help you to realize your projects!

Planning Project Fundamentals
In the course of planning and implementing projects, one has to take into account diverse and complex conditions: market and product features, technology, licensing, production location, project partners, organizational structure, budget, financing, and much more. When developing the project basis, we take into account all these factors and advise you as an independent and impartial partner.
When developing a production project, the customer relies on digital data, analysis results and the general idea of ​​the project as a basis for making decisions. We will provide you with objective advice and develop an optimal solution, taking into account the conditions specified by you. In the course of the design, we proceed from the characteristics of the selected technology, therefore our project does not depend on the suppliers of equipment and technologies. We offer you solutions based on a solid understanding of the situation.

Feasibility study
You can do everything, but under what conditions, and with what result? Construction of a new facility, modernization of an existing one, transfer or expansion of production – in any of these situations you will need a thorough examination of the specific conditions of the project, which will effectively and economically minimize your risks. With us you are on the right track!

Comprehensive analysis
We will check your chosen site and the whole object for compliance with the technological and environmental requirements, for the possibility of supplying communications, organizing and obtaining the necessary permits, and we will provide you with a detailed description of the state of the site or object with coverage of all agreed issues. We will assess the potential risks and determine the need for additional verification, for example, procurement or legal issues.

GMP audit
We will check your project documentation or production facilities for compliance with GMP requirements and the conditions of contract manufacturing. Our experience and knowledge allow us to accurately understand the problems and needs of our clients.


Whatever goal you set for yourself, the condition for achieving it is timely and comprehensive project development. Whether it is the reconstruction of existing production or the organization of new construction – we will become your technology partner at all stages of the project from the moment of the first idea to the preparation of detailed working documentation. Even before you start investing in the project, we, thanks to our systematic approach to design, guarantee full consideration of the full potential of the project, taking into account the nature of your production.
Rely on our deep knowledge of technology – this will allow you to develop a long-term investment project based on your individual needs.

Project Services

  • pre-project preparation (TEO);
  • architectural project (stage A, with the coordination in the State supervisory authorities and expertise);
  • construction project (stage C, working documentation);
  • project Management
  • author’s supervision;
  • as-built documentation.

Strategic project management

The company “Architectural Studio” is ready to take over the management of the project at any stage of its implementation:

  • preparation of TK for design;
  • preparation and conduct of a tender for the selection of contracting organizations;
  • budget co-ordination and scheduling;
  • operational management at the stages of design and construction.

We maximally optimize the time and financial costs of the project and make sure that all technological and project conditions are met.
One of the first stages of work on a project is the management of design. Since at this stage all technical and architectural solutions are laid, any error at this stage will cost the Customer additional time and financial costs for solving subsequent problems.
Project management at the construction management stage is a task that even a professional cannot do if he works alone. For this reason, for each project we form a project team consisting of people who have experience of similarly implemented projects. In the process of construction management, we often offer alternative solutions to certain tasks, if we believe that this will speed up construction time or optimize a project without degrading the quality characteristics.
The final stage of completion of the project regulates the process of transferring the result to the customer and execution of all necessary documents.
Our specialists will ensure the process of transferring the finished object to the Customer in accordance with existing regulations and rules.

Construction of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry

The company Architectural Studio has experience in implementing projects related to the reconstruction of existing industries and the construction of new pharmaceutical enterprises on a turnkey basis in accordance with the requirements of GMP EU standards.
In this direction, in accordance with the tasks set by the Customer and, based on the most modern pharmaceutical technologies, our company offers solutions for such objects as:

  • production of substances;
  • production of solid drugs:
    • pills;
    • capsules and microcapsules;
    • dragee;
    • granules;
    • pills;
    • powders;
  • manufacture of soft medicines:
    • ointments and creams;
    • suppositories;
    • gels;
    • liniments;
    • pasta;
  • production of liquid medicines:
    • solutions for injection;
    • infusion solutions;
    • powders and lyophilized preparations for injections;
    • suspensions and emulsions, drops, solutions, tinctures, syrups for internal and external use);
  • production of drugs dispersed in a gaseous environment (sprays, aerosols);
  • production of medical products.

Health facilities

Engineering in Healthcare
Modern hospitals and medical centers place high demands on engineering systems, clean air, equipment and accessories.
Along with the design, the Architectural Studio reconstructs and furnishes all the health facilities without exception. First of all, it is:

  • operating units;
  • intensive care units;
  • sterilization departments;
  • water treatment systems;
  • ventilation and air conditioning systems.


One of the directions of the company Architectural studio is the construction and equipping of laboratories for pharmaceutical enterprises, health care and other areas.
We offer comprehensive solutions for the construction of laboratories and supply our customers with clean rooms, ventilation and air conditioning systems, water treatment systems, laminar microbiological boxes, thermo boxes, hoods, laboratory furniture, etc.
The laboratories built by Architectural Studio fully comply with international GMP standards.

Selective list of Customers, whom the specialists of Architectural Studio LLC have developed design solutions for medical and pharmaceutical areas:

  • ZAO DzhivaFarm, pilot production of full-cycle antiretroviral drugs
  • SOOO “Ecomedservice”
  • State Institution “Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Pulmonology and Phthisiology”
  • TPChUP “Integrated Real Estate Development”, a medical center in the village of Kopishchi, Minsk District
  • Design UE “Kaliyproekt”, medical unit on the street. Korzh, 1 in Soligorsk
  • PTCHUP “Design Studio” SENS “, Construction of an administrative building with laboratory facilities and a medical center on the street. F. Skorina in Minsk
  • ME “Soligorsk Central District Hospital”
  • Private enterprise “Stolichnaya Dentistry”
  • LLC “LODE”
  • GU “Sanatorium” Youth “of the Office of the President of the Republic of Belarus
  • ME “Mogilev Regional TB Dispensary”
  • Bobruisk industrial unitary enterprise “Management of capital construction”, branch “Bobruisk TB dispensary”
  • State Institution “Republican Tuberculosis Hospital” Sosnovka ”
  • UE “Grodnozhilproekt”, UZ “Volkovysk tuberculosis dispensary”
  • UZ “Pinsk Children’s Hospital”
  • UZ “Vitebsk Regional Clinical Dermatovenerologic Dispensary”