Architectural design

The most difficult task of any construction project is the creation of a sustainable, functional and technological building. Each of our projects is formed through the integration of modern building technologies and functional, engineering, technical, fire-fighting, sanitary and hygienic, environmental requirements.

Architectural and building design includes the work of architects and designers to create a building project (plan, building facade, three-dimensional visualization). Architecturally, building solutions must remain at the forefront of the latest advances in building technologies and intelligent building systems. It is the architect and designer who decides what the future building or structure will be.

Technological design

If you decide to open a restaurant or cafe, build a hotel, medical center, shop or industrial building, then one of the first steps is technological design. At this stage, the entire technological chain and internal logistics are laid down – one of the main competitive advantages of your future business.

We understand the responsibility that falls to us in the design of technological solutions. The level of training and practical experience in designing facilities in Belarus and Russia by our technologists allows us to design both clean operating and infectious hospitals and technologically complex factories. And we are able to make planning decisions and engineering support of any building more rational and relevant standards, and your business more profitable.

Designing of internal and external networks

If you entrusted the design of engineering systems to our organization, then you can be sure that your building will be as energy efficient as modern technologies allow. Only those designers work in our organization who can choose the only correct (energy efficient) engineering solution. We propose to carry out a comprehensive project of engineering systems of any building, from the vegetable store to the many thousands of sports arenas.

We offer you not just to design the engineering systems of the building, we offer you energy efficient design of the systems:
— Ventilation and air conditioning
— Heating and heat supply
— Power supply
— Plumbing and sanitary
We also propose to develop an intelligent dispatching system for building engineering systems, which will reduce your operating costs. In addition, we will carry out projects of any low-voltage systems (fire and burglar alarm systems, communications).

Designing x-ray cabinets

Our company is engaged in the development of radiation facilities and calculates the radiation protection of X-ray rooms of medical institutions in the Republic of Belarus.

Designing of medical application objects

Considering that the medical industry is continuously being improved and developed, the Architectural Studio has created its own medical engineering department, formed of specialists with many years of practical experience in project management, engineering, qualification and validation.

At all stages of the project, we guarantee the use of modern technological solutions that comply with applicable Belarusian, European standards and rules, using the best architectural and engineering solutions.

Designing of gas supply and boiler networks

Our company is professionally engaged in the development of design and estimate documentation for the following objects:
1. Objects of gas distribution system and gas consumption
2. Boiler rooms for all types of fuel

Preparation of tender documentation

We can easily help you in holding a tender. The quality and cost of construction work will depend on the correctness of the tender.

We offer you the following services:
— Development of tender documentation package
— Primary selection of bidders
— Evaluation of offers
— Drawing up a comprehensive report on the results of the tender
— Development and preparation of legally verified contractual documentation

Interior design

Regardless of whether the building is remarkable from the outside and in which building it is located, we expect that all our projects should inspire those who use them. Owners, tenants and their guests should feel proud to work or live in this building …
Therefore, we offer customers the development of interior design projects for residential and public buildings. Each of our interior design projects is unique, we offer each customer a very large focused experience and necessarily involve our customers in an exciting and productive dialogue in the process of interior design.

The work on the interior design includes all the necessary stages and stages – these are measuring works, a sketchy stylistic decision with the preliminary agreement of the customer, a working part, selection of finishing materials, plumbing, furniture and architectural supervision in the implementation process. In addition, our designers are always ready to personally participate in finishing interior decoration and with the help of their many years of practical experience to help builders to implement all design and design solutions in a quality manner.

Support of project and exploratory works

We understand that the customer-investor often does not have time, and the desire to understand the numerous pre-project documentation, so we offer the following types of services:
— Collect all the necessary initial permits (IRD). The presence of IRD gives the customer-investor the opportunity to conclude an agreement with the project organization on the design of the object. The basis for the collection of IRD is the permission of the Executive Committee, which is issued after considering the application of the Customer-investor.
— Preparation and approval of design assignment
— Organization of geological and geodetic surveys
— Transfer to the General Designer data for the implementation of design work
— Coordination and examination of project documentation in the prescribed manner.